Hurricanes are lethal forces. They are lethal. Houses, buildings, cars and more are taken out. They take many life and generate chaos in every way they go. However, we want you to understand we are here for you and your relatives at the West Palm Beach Impact Windows. We offer top quality hurricane preparation facilities in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area including impact windows and impact gates. Get your property protected now, so that you are ready if a hurricane hits.

It is essential that you and your family have all the data they need to prepare for the hurricane. It’s never going to occur to most individuals. They won’t be the ones that have been devastated by a hurricane. Don’t be a individuals like that. You can’t predict the future, even if it never occurs. It is always best to protect and protect you and your family. This is what our facilities are here to do.

Hurricane Preparation

For preparing of hurricanes, you should always make sure you have enough food and water stored for at least one week. You should have plenty of torches, batteries, matches, candles, lighters, mobile chargers and instruments on your door. These are some of the most important things in preparation for a hurricane.

In addition to the above materials, doors and impact windows on your house or building in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas should also be installed. These doors and windows are high quality and resistant to hurricanes. They are an significant component of preparing for a hurricane. You won’t need to board up when you have these windows and doors, because you will be protected.

Hurricane windows and doors give a 99% blocking of ultra-violet (U-V) light, to prevent fading or coloration after repeated exposure to direct sunlight, including your favourite photos, loveseats, Persian tags and even your flooring. This is especially important for us in West Palm Beach, where we can enjoy the direct sunshine throughout the year. Our high-impact window lines function as a sunscreen to block the harmful U-V without significantly decreasing visible light.

Our impact-resistant windows and doors are approved by Miami Dade County and consist of high-quality aluminum and vinyl framing that is long constructed to resist the environment in West Palm Beach. Astor Windows carries products made of impact-resistant windows and doors by Florida’s leading producers. With 20 years of established records of construction of glass and glazing parts for the coastal regions, our suppliers can assure us that the products we install perform when required.

We have Trained staff

Astor Impact Windows has effectively installed impact-resistant windows, gates and storage devices for more than 12 years. We use our know-how and expertise from our building company to the full. Our team is correctly trained and insured to conduct complicated facilities. Furthermore, the machinery and staff are available to make opening changes, such as reinforcing concrete / steel frames, constructing fresh frames or simply reconfiguring current frames.

Contact West Palm Beach Impact Windows for a possible hurricane in your region today for your free quotation.