You may presume that it is a practical advantage to stop rain from entering your house, which is the main benefit for hurricane-resistant non-breaker doors. Hurricane Windows West Palm Beach has researched that the total destruction of residences is often triggered by abrupt pressure shifts when doors and windows totally extend.

The greater air pressure into the building would blow down the roofs and knock down the walls. Opening the doors and windows and avoiding these adjustments in air pressure can save a house from a catastrophic collapse.

Ordinary windows can be rendered more likely to shatter by adding a rubber coating around a glass window. Glass performance improves, but not as much as in real hurricane-resistant windows.

True resistant hurricane windows range in size from $40 to $55, but can spend well in wind-proof locations.

Hurricane Cause House Prices to Rise

Overall construction costs can be raised by storm resistant glass but provide great protection during the hurricane. It plan will work well to avoid storm damage and also helps you to benefit from lower homeowners ‘ insurance rates.

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A decent glass window, with frames and hardware, costs between $40 and $55 per square foot of the glass area. Numerous studies also shown that the construction cost of a new house only rises by a few thousand dollars if hurricane doors are installed.

For average a hurricane costs about $1,900 for 60×80 cm, while a 72×80 cm sliding door costs about $1950. The standard one hanging window needs just $500 to $600 components.

When you think of hurricane windows, the following advantages and disadvantages should help you to make your decision.

Damage of $25 billion in Florida

Florida reached demand for hurricane resistant windows in 1992, which resulted in unprecedented damage of $25 billion. In contrast, many hurricane-prone areas have adopted new ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) openings standards for new windows.

A lot of other dangerous areas or new houses in Florida had to be installed with shutters or hurricane resistant windows at the end of 2001 to reduce the total infrastructure damage.

Windows must be able to fulfill the continuous damage requirement of large and small missiles to render a hurricane-resistant differentiation. A small missile test involves throwing 2 to 46-foot long 2-4 pounds at 50 feet per second under laboratory conditions.

Glazing and Frames

The window glazing and the frame should remain intact after the effect. The tiny missile test includes the hurling of 30 septic and stainless steel ball coils at 80 feet per second again, so that the opening meets the requirements.

Hurricane-resistant doors allow a building to withstand a windstorm 200 mile / hour (Category 5). Until purchasing windows, look for models that meet the standards specified by the building code of your city.

Accordingly, the Energy Conservation Code requires an effect-tolerant window to have a maximum U-factor of 0.75 or lower and an SHGC coefficient of 0.30. Give a free quotation call today to Hurricane Windows West Palm Beach.