Hurricane impact windows carry many benefits. With the increasing impact of climate change, the rate at which hurricanes and storms form and collide with landmasses has increased dramatically over the last decade. As any survivor of such a storm can attest, the devastation that follows is heartbreaking. Here at West Palm Beach Impact Windows, we aim to provide the best in hurricane protection for your home, offering high-quality hurricane windows for West Palm Beach residents. A costly endeavour to be sure but one with many benefits we’re sure you’re not aware of. Here is a list of benefits and additions to storm protections that our Hurricane Windows West Palm Beach can provide.

Reduced Insurance bill

Hurricane windows can actually reduce your insurance premiums as many insurance companies recognise the utility and security it provides. As a certified installation company, our Hurricane Windows West Palm Beach is guaranteed to provide our customers with an insurance reduction should they provide evidence of our installation to their insurers.

Reduced Noise

Living near a highway or construction site? Due to its design, hurricane windows are proven to reduce sound waves and vibrations from disturbing its users. Hosting a party? No problem,  as our hurricane windows guarantee West Palm Beach residents peace of mind from noise complaints, insulating and mitigating all sound from entering or exiting.


Added security

Windows are, security wise, the least secure point of entry in any home or complex. Hurricane windows greatly reduce the risk of breaking and entering via windows with the glass being much harder to shatter or break than conventional window glass. With our seal of approval, you can sleep easy, knowing that with our special Hurricane Windows, West Palm Beach has never been safer.


Storm protection

Designed to defend against both the elements and the debris it can carry, hurricane windows are tested rigorously to ensure that, in the event of a sudden storm or hurricane, all occupants of a home are protected. With a laminated finish and multiple internal layers for added strength, our Hurricane Windows for West Palm Beach residents are guaranteed to not shatter or break in case of a storm or hurricane, keeping you and your family and home safe and protected.


These are just a few benefits brought on by the usage of hurricane windows. For more info, browse our website or contact us and get a free quote today!