Hurricanes have become scarily abundant within the last decade, with 2018 boasting as the most active hurricane seasons we’ve ever seen in US history. As a coastal area, West Palm Beach residents need to be aware that should a hurricane be spotted on the coasts nearby, they are in the most immediate danger and should evacuate immediately. Unfortunately, while one might be safe away, the same cannot be said about your home. That’s where we come in at Hurricane window protection West Palm Beach.

As homeowners ourselves, we here West Palm Beach Impact Windows understand how our customers feel and that’s why we offer our customers the best available Hurricane window protection West Palm Beach. Costly as it might be, reinforcing your home with hurricane window protection is the best way to protect your West Palm Beach property and there are many reasons why.

Aside from the monetary benefits, hurricane windows are designed to withstand the terrifying winds and debris often found flying within a storm. As such, they are installed with the utmost care and are proven to be more effective than regular storm shutters that are more commonly available. Our hurricane window protection (West Palm Beach) also has a lower failure rate than conventional shutters and, as such, is more likely to protect your home from flooding and internal damage.

This also proves useful even after a storm, as the reinforced glass is designed to be shatterproof and therefore decreasing the likelihood of a break-in via windows. It is a sad fact that while the storm causes mass disarray within a community, there are elements that seek to take advantage. Our Hurricane window protection West Palm Beach reduces the likelihood of a post-storm break-in dramatically, ensuring that all your possessions are protected and safe even when you’re not home.

Finally, our hurricane window protection glass filters out harmful UV rays during the sunny days we’re used to here in Florida, decreasing the wear viewable on many home additions and furniture sets. It also helps regulate temperature by insulating the heat and limiting the sun’s heat from penetrating, keeping your home cool in summer but warm in winter.

Our Hurricane window protection West Palm Beach isn’t just for show and its durability has been proven. When it comes to safety and security, we’re no slouches and we deliver only the best to our paying customers. Contact us today of a free quote or consultation or to have us answer any questions you may have.