Hurricane Shutters West Palm Beach is totally insane about our operation! It is very important that your shutters are serviced so that they are free to work year after year. When it is time to shut down your hurricane shutters, the last thing you want is a wheel stuck, or a lock stuck. People tend to get into “panic” mode when a storm hits, with one of the missing hurricane shutters or hurricane shutters stuck.

Year after year, it is always important to lubricate your shutter screws and to lubricate your shutter wheels. I recommend that every house always runs “dry” on its hurricane shutters at least once a year. So that they know that they work properly and that all hurricane panels fit. The last thing anyone wants to do is to find that your shutters don’t work properly or something is missing when a storm knocks on the door.

We Are Proud Of Our Professional Services!

At Hurricane Shutters West Palm Beach we are proud to ensure that your hurricane shutter system works well when we are finished. And that the house owner is aware of the use. We also provide a minimum cost service to lubricate your hurricane shutters each year. And check the whole system, so that problems arise when needed.

Winds of hurricanes can cause huge property losses. You may not be aware that wind-borne debris (tree limbs, signs, toilet tiles, etc.) is actually causing much of the damage, and not the wind itself. After a door or window has blown out the wind reaches the element. This creates pressure, which does not stand up to the structural supports in your home. Often leading to the separation of the roof and walls.

The amount of rainwater that can enter the broken window or doorway may be devastating. Even if the roof and walls remain uninhabitable, leaving your house with complete content loss.

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