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Hurricane Impact Windows

Selecting to install a proven, strong, and durable Hurricane windows with West Palm Beach Impact Windows to protect your home, is surely the best way to have complete peace of mind. Invest in something that will not compromise the integrity of your safety during those stormy days.

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With our widest array of impact door design options, styles, and configurations especially for West Palm Beach area – impact doors are definitely an affordable alternative to expensive roll- down or accordion style metal shutters.

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Our critically acclaimed impact rated shutters provide the best protection. Especially against the unforgiving sun, wind, and other adverse weather conditions imaginable from the West Palm Beach FL region.

Hurricane Proof Shutters and Impact Windows: Advantages and Affordability

Florida is home to some of the most famous destinations and ecological biodiversity in the Southeast Atlantic region. The state is also known for its beautiful beaches, sunshine and awesome weather all year round. Along with this beautiful weather comes the wrath of its occasional share of storms and hurricanes.

According to a recent study conducted by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, 3 major cities in Florida are included among the top 5 list of most vulnerable areas for hurricane impact. The probability study was evidenced from the hurricane and storm path of the last 126 years since the 1800s.

As a homeowner in the sunshine state, there are two options when it comes to hurricane window protection during the hurricane season. Either impact windows and hurricane shutters. Both promise to get as close to ideally “hurricane proof windows”, but which one is the better option?

What are Impact Windows?

Windows labeled in the market as hurricane windows are made up of impact-resistant glass. This glass is usually treated with either a layer of (PVB) polyvinyl butyral or (EVA) ethylene-vinyl acetate. Impact-resistant glass does not break as a regular glass does. Although it may still shatter upon impact from flying debris or objects, it generally remains intact within the inner membrane. They usually form a web-like pattern when they break, rather than send flying shards of glass.

Standard windows can be made more resistant to shatter by applying a surface membrane to imitate the protective effects of impact windows. This does not have the same degree found in genuine impact windows offered by West Palm Beach Impact Windows though. One reason why some have tried this option is due to genuine hurricane proof windows are a bit pricier. It is definitely a good investment in areas with very strong winds.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Prevention is always better than cure, and this also applies to our homes. The hurricane window protection is unparalleled in keeping the exterior envelope of your homes intact and your loved ones safe. But aside from the obvious protection these impact windows West Palm Beach FL offers, there are a number of other benefits you can get.

Costing Considerations

Installing Impact windows West Palm Beach FL is definitely a great security investment for your homes in general but can increase your construction costs. What you need to shift in mindset, is that this investment will definitely pay for itself. It does so by preventing inconceivable damage and possible loss of life. The savings from the discount on insurance amount for homeowners is worth mentioning too.

A good quality hurricane window costs anywhere between $40 to $55 per square foot of glass area including the frame. As per some studies suggests, installing hurricane proof windows only increased costs by only a few thousand dollars on new homes.

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7 Reasons Why You Will Love Impact Windows


Extensive Security

Hurricane windows are made with multiple layers of glass and other synthetic materials. This makes shattering from natural causes or even break-ins from intruders, very unlikely. The window is impact resistant and the film will hold it together during any penetration attempt.


Energy Efficiency

Better insulation during cold winter evenings help retain much-needed warmth in your dwelling. it also lessens gas usage for heating. On the other hand, less solar heat gain during summer days reduces the need for air conditioning & power consumption. The result is an awesome additional saving on your home’s electric bill.

Noise Protection

Hurricane window protection is known to be a great deterrent against unwanted noise from the outside. They help minimize the distraction. This is especially true if you live near a busy street and wanted to keep the inner peace within your dwellings. No amount of money can compare for well-rested & peaceful privacy.

Harmful UV Rays Protection

Users of Impact windows West Palm Beach FL come to realize, excessive UV rays can do a number of negative effects in the home. This can be noticed on precious furniture collection and fabrics too, aside from their skin’s health. New impact windows are designed to protect your interiors from fading and discoloration from direct sunlight exposure. Most residents of Florida know by heart how important this is since they experience direct exposure to sunlight all year round.

Aesthetic Improvement

A home’s look and feel are greatly influenced by how pretty your windows and doors. If you’re looking to resell your home in Florida in the future, having nice windows can definitely increase the bargaining power for better pricing. Installing hurricane proof windows can make your windows a lot less-bulkier compared to aluminum shutters. Unlike shutters, it does not need to be deployed every time there is a hurricane disturbance. You also get better lighting when power is out.

Get Insurance Costs Markdown

Most insurance companies recognize hurricane windows and doors as a prime windstorm protective system. It is way better in protecting your home compared to shutters that have to be installed or closed manually. Insurance companies understand this and offers a reduction in premiums.

Install and Forget

Once the impact windows are installed, you can forget ever needing to put them up every time a hurricane forecast comes in. Florida residents know that hurricane forecast does not always mean that it will hit or not hit. Having impact windows are such a time saver. It can be quite a hassle needing to put up and to take down hurricane shutters every single time a warning comes in.

I am so grateful for the team at West Palm Beach Impact Windows. They installed my Hurricane Windows so quickly and effortlessly. I really felt that they cared about what I wanted and put my needs first. Love you guys!

Anna, Happy Homeowner


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Important Things To Remember About Hurricane Windows

Hurricane window protection definitely has a lot of great positive features. It also has a few sets of disadvantages that you need to be mindful too.

These Hurricane windows are a must for a hurricane-prone area but can be an unnecessary expense to some places where storms are unlikely. Costs can also rise significantly if the home is larger in ratio to the cost per square foot. While it is also expected for some visibility to be slightly reduced on styles with thick glasses.

Preventive or protective purposes are always the top reasons we should consider when making a decision on installing impact glasses. Our family’s safety, our belongings, and properties have a higher chance of holding up against one of nature’s worst scenarios when we plan accordingly. As an additional benefit, hurricane proofing our windows helps in reducing power consumption and noise prevention. Safety and precaution are always never too expensive and far outweighs anything else when we consider our loved ones. You can trust us at West Palm Beach Impact Windows to consider your needs first.

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