Hurricane proof windows west palm beach may have become an increasingly relevant action in today’s climate. The number of tropical storms forming and making landfall increases as the global temperature continues to rise. While many people still call climate change a hoax, there is no reason to believe them. Overwhelmingly, scientifically supported facts prove that climate change is indeed on the rise.


How does a hurricane form

In layman’s terms, a hurricane forms when hot air over the ocean rises and cool air rushes forward to replace it. The area of low pressure continues to be filled and replaced by cool air until a storm forms. When this storm is formed, it continues to move forward until it reaches land. Based on its size and speed, a hurricane may take anywhere from several hours or weeks to disperse. If it remains over the ocean, this storm is unlikely to fade until it reaches landfall.


Once on land, these storms pick up debris and unsupported objects and will fling them around at dangerous speeds. While many may believe that the winds themselves are the main issue, the majority of the danger comes from the objects lifted in the storm. Fence posts, bricks, and daily litter become projectiles that crash into houses and buildings. This causes a substantial amount of damage and this is where hurricane windows come into play.


Hurricane proof windows West Palm Beach act as a sturdy defense against the violent winds and debris. As windows are, structurally the weakest point in a house or building, they are the first to go. While traditional shutters and supports are effective at holding back the extreme winds, they are more likely to fail than Hurricane proof windows West Palm Beach.


The debris picked up smash into windows, causing a backflow inside your home and a difference in pressure. This is why, when there is a storm, some homes roofs are likely to fail and fly off. Hurricane proof windows West Palm Beach are designed to not shatter and should they break, are designed to hold in place to prevent airflow entry.

How is it strong?

Made possible by reinforced glass and plastic membranes between layers, this means that even if the glass itself shatters under extreme bombardment, it won’t fail. When compared to metal shutters, once failure in them occurs, it is unable to stop the rainfall and wind from entering your home. Many insurance companies are aware of this and offer a reduced premium for any home equipped with Hurricane proof windows West Palm Beach. As a user myself I can safely assure you that there are many benefits beyond this as well, such as added security to break-ins and theft. Hurricane proof windows West Palm Beach is the best windows you can possibly find for all situations.


Due to this, hurricane windows West Palm Beach is guaranteed to withstand a storm with your home and all its interiors intact. Interested in hurricane windows West Palm Beach? Contact us or leave your details and we will contact you with a free quote and answer any and all questions you have.